A collection of photographs of Athens, Greece.

This is a collection of photographs that I have taken of Athens since I first arrived in 2013. I have around 600 images of this amazing city as well as the historical and bustling port of Piraeus. Here are a selection of those images. I hope these images represent some of the incredible architecture and ancient sites around Athens as well as showing the artistic and vibrant mood in the city. I hope to add further images of Athens over time as well as the many other photographs of the Greek Islands and the beautiful mainland. I hope you enjoy the imagery.

“The magnificent Acropolis, crowned by the iconic Parthenon temple, rises above the city, watching the sprawling modern metropolis evolve. This huge archaeological park has reconciled past and present, with the city’s cultural and social life once again taking place around the ancient monuments and surrounding neighbourhoods. Athens remains a city of contradictions, as frustrating as it is seductive. It is the oldest city in Europe, yet still in a state of transition. It’s one of Europe’s safest and liveliest cities – a heady mix of grunge and grace with an undeniable urban soul. Most visitors will leave impressed with its vibrant street life and relaxed lifestyle, where people take time out for endless coffees and evening strolls, dine out until late and enjoy the city’s nightlife, long after the rest of Europe has gone to bed. Athenians are the first to debate and lament their city’s many shortcomings – but most wouldn’t live anywhere else.”
Lonely Planet Website